Thefallenunit swept away 2-0
Another game for Eurodomination open ladder just finished. And, we`re happy to inform you that we took another win. It was not so hard, because before the game we made a tactical training and we trained out some new positions and stuff, that helped us win that Atacama squad rush.
It was a nice game. We won our attack very fast and we managed to press theirs way too near to their spawn. That turned out to be verty helpful for the win. Nice job, guys, GAME ON !

Posted by iDTemplar on неделя 10 октомври 2010 - 00:21:23 | Comments: 0  |  изглед за печат
Kamigawa Style! BG|04B - Mission Impossible is TRUE!
Kamigawa Style! BG|04B - Mission Impossible is TRUE!


Posted by johnstalker on събота 09 октомври 2010 - 06:38:35 | Comments: 2  |  изглед за печат
Easy win versus Semper Fidelis last night
Last night - an easy win. For the ESL ladder, we won our game vs [SP] with the clear 4-0. Although our server was not as ESL rules demand, the oponents agreed to play. And then, after the first round was won fast, when the second round began, Semper Fidelis began to flame and insult about the rules of the server. Then, we restarted the server and when they saw that they were being raped, they started insulting again. But - this time it didn`t work. We won the game, although we hate playing against unfriendly and mean clans, as [SP] appeared to be. Congrats for the win, boys !

Posted by iDTemplar on четвъртък 07 октомври 2010 - 13:24:25 | Comments: 0  |  изглед за печат
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